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The word artistry means skill, ability, accomplishment and brilliance. This is what we offer in the field of etiquette and international relations in social and business settings. 

The word etiquette simply means the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.  It merely shows consideration of others, speaking kindly, putting others first and showing respect. Teaching the power of the social graces, we help  people to be at their best and obtain the best for their lives and careers. My experience with etiquette started at home and then I went on to finishing school. I continued to learn as I studied languages, history and culture and as I travelled around The United States, Asia and Europe. Then I studied and trained as an international etiquette and protocol teacher / consultant. I have trained cultural mediators and business people who needed to be aware of the cultural differences between countries and cultures in order to carry out successful business meetings and dealings. I have prepared students to study in universities abroad and other students to participate in the Model United Nations. I have worked with men, women and children in polishing their social and communication skills, dining etiquette and proper dating practices. I  have helped many people to achieve their personal and professional goals as an expert and specialist in this field. I look forward to guiding you to your personal and business objectives.

 DéLise Finley -Vaccino

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Teacher/consultant DéLise Finley-Vaccino